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Discover All The Exciting Things To Do In San Diego, CA

SeaWorld San Diego

Get wet and wild surrounded by creatures from the deep at this iconic San Diego landmark. Get splashed by killer whales. Interact with curious dolphins. Watch playful penguins cavort in their rocky exhibit. Take behind-the-scenes tours, enjoy thrill rides and great dining at this popular family venue.

Mission Beach

Pack your beach bag and head to one of the most popular beaches in southern California. The surf's always up at Mission Beach, so grab a board and catch a wave. Toss out your beach blanket and soak up some rays. Then head to nearby Belmont Park for thrill rides, including CA's oldest wooden roller coaster.

Balboa Park

A 1,200 acre shady respite in the North Park neighborhood, Balboa Park is a great city escape. Stroll the tranquil paths and discover botanical gardens bursting with color. Explore 17 museums, art sculptures, three performing arts venues & delicious dining throughout this unforgettable urban oasis.

Pesach in Gan Eden 2019


Miriam Yerushalmi - Speaker

​Miriam Yerushalmi
holds an MS in Psychology and Marriage and Family Counseling. She was trained at Pepperdine University and graduated the year of 1990 and is uniquely skilled at combining behavioral and humanistic approaches to address a wide spectrum of psychopathology. 

​Miriam fuses essential Torah principles with her background in Mental Health to empower individuals to release their inner healing potential while aligning with life’s purpose on essential life issues, ranging from relationships and parenting to self improvement. 

Miriam's Lecture  topics:
1) Psychology today - Rectification of imagination - deep mystical solutions dealing with anxiety, depression, anger management, low self esteem and more.
2) Mastery over emotion - Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Which one are you? 
3) Power of Tefila and meditation - In depth study of sacred Tefilla text with kabalistic tefilla meditations. 
4) True Body and soul healing - Looking into the source of illness from kabalistic perspective and tips for healing and prevention.  
5) True love - What is it from a Jewish perspective -to find the good in the other (Including concepts from the book Mystery of Marriage).


Have questions or want to learn more? We’d love to talk. We have a passion for answering your questions. Please give us a call or send us an email. We promise to get back to you within 24 hours. 


Miriam Yerushalmi

Levi Robin - Singer & Songwriter **

Born in Huntington Beach, CA, Levi Robin discovered a deep inner truth in Jewish Mysticism as a teenager, and has been infusing this depth into his music since. After learning on a mountain top in Tzfat, Israel, at the age of 20, Levi was discovered by Matisyahu and joined him on two cross-country tours, where he received standing ovations from audiences and sold out copies of his first EP. Levi continues to sell out shows in New York City and Los Angeles, and performs around the world. 

Levi is set to release his first full-length album, Where Night Meets Day, featuring Grammy nominated musicians and producer Stu Brooks, creating a never before heard sound that has been acclaimed by music critics: 

“The classic Americana sound perfectly envelopes Robin’s smooth vocals. The imagery he evokes in his lyrics is like being in an art gallery, where around every corner there is a picture that captures our attention."
-The Revue (March 2nd 2017)

“He is the musical equivalent of an artistic flourish like you might see in architecture or visual art. The song is actually more than the sum of its parts. The thoughtful reflection on the past, namely the emotional core of the past, is particularly
effective. Moving.”
-Ear to the ground (January 2017)

Levi writes, plays, and sings from his soul, and it pierces the soul.

Days of Our Youth Music Video

** A limited amount of seats will be available to the general public at the following cost (performance on Tuesday Evening April 3rd):

       Adults: $40 for concert (8:30 PM),  $35 for BBQ Steak Dinner (7:00 PM). 
       Children under age 13: $25 for concert,  $20 for BBQ Steak Dinner.
       Pre-Registration Required.  To RSVP, call Reuven Russell at 973-723-9070.

Shoshana Levin Bander

Rabbi Chaim Sperlin - Rabbi & Speaker 

Rabbi Chaim Sperlin serves as the Director and Spiritual leader of LA-vate (ELEVATE). An inspiration based movement centered in Beverly Hills.  

Rabbi Sperlin has developed a cutting edge curriculum on Tanya, which is in its final stages of publication and he has taught an advanced daily class at the Mayanot Institute of Jewish studies in Jerusalem. He also teaches the world renowned JLI courses in multiple locations throughout Los Angeles.

He also leads a support group at the Chabad Residential Treatment Center on recovery and addiction from the lens of Jewish Mysticism.

Rabbi Sperlin received his Smicha from Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, an internationally acclaimed authority in all areas of Halacha, specializing in medical and ethical issues presented by modern science and technology.

He is articulate, engaging and entertaining. His students say they never want his discussions to end.

He is a proud husband and father of 4.
A Musical Journey Into Your Soul
With Shoshana Bander

Shoshana Levin Bander is a singer/songwriter/storyteller who has touched and inspired female audiences around the United States and Israel with her heart-warming,  soul-touching melodies and breath-taking stories. 
She is fun and deep at the same time, leaving the crowd not only with melodies to hum, but with something to think about long after she is gone.

Shoshana has been interviewed on National Public Radio in a feature story on Jewish women’s music. She has also been interviewed by Newsweek magazine and one of her well known stories appeared in both Newsweek and Readers Digest.
Reuven Russell - Entertainment & Program

An accomplished actor and comedian with an extensive theatrical background, Reuven has been seen on the hit TV show ER, and in the feature films Chaplin, Inside Monkey Zetterland and The Proprietor. He originated the role of Hersh in the Off Broadway debut of The Quarrel. He has toured nationally in Neil Simon’s The Sunshine Boys starring Mickey Rooney and Donald O’Connor.  

His one-man show, Gathering the Sparks, has played to audiences in over 100 cities around the world.  He can currently be seen in the films Advice and Dissent with Eli Wallach and Rebecca Pidgeon, The Permeable Man, as well as in 13 episodes of the popular children’s video series The Adventures of Agent Emes.    

Reuven is a graduate of the Yale School of Drama where he directed and co-starred with Paul Giamatti in Glengarry Glen Ross. He has also directed 7 short films for Project SARAH.    

Reuven is a professor at Stern College for Women and the University of New Haven, as well as the Artistic Director of the Stern College Dramatic Society. He is a father of five and is the proud son of the late comedian and Jewish humorist Joey Russell.

Reuven will be presenting the following entertainment programs:

1) Stand-up comedy
2) Family Feud - hosted by RR
3) Public Speaking workshop
4) Koko the Clown - magic show for kids
5) How to be a Clown - another show for kids